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Guard Your Heart from Gunk

Recently I was listening to K-LOVE, and a small segment came on and captured my attention.  The man was talking about spiritual clogging.  He shared a story about a woman who had a car that was stuck going 40 mph because a squirrel had clogged under her car with acorns and such.  The speaker stated that the car ran as good as new once the gunk had been removed.  This story got me to thinking about us as humans.  We let the bad stuff of the world build up in our lives to the point that we can become spiritually stagnant. Gossip, negativity, hatred, and comparison clog our hearts, making growth nearly impossible.  We need to let go of the bad and allow Christ into our hearts so that we can not only run at our full capacity, but also function properly.  Don’t let yourself get bogged down by the troubles of this Earth, for they are not our own. Remember to guard your heart! Have an amazing, blessed week!

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